Life Needs an Undo Button

Posted 2009.07.14 22.32 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Have you ever done something that started out as just a minor chore that you thought would take a few minutes and make things better, but then the further you got into it the bigger the job got, till finally you reached a point where you realize that it’s a huge messy laborious endless task and you’re too far in to go back, you can’t just put it all back and pretend it never happened so you have no choice but to keep going, and going, and going till it’s all done and then finally by that time you’ve missed dinner and all the actual normal chores you were supposed to do are still waiting for you but you’re bloody exhausted and really you just want to go to bed but you can’t because face it you haven’t even finished cleaning up the mess from that minor chore that took all night and you realize that you’re going to have to be going for another few hours just to catch up on all the stuff you were supposed to have done by now, and so rather than just knuckling down and getting to it, you sit around procrastinating even more, and then finally end up blogging about it rather than doing it because it’s easier, so you start blogging and end up in some kind of marathon run-on-sentence that becomes more of a challenge in and of itself where you’re afraid to stop typing because then it means you’ll have to really face the chores and stuff that you have to do, so you keep typing and typing because it beats putting out the trash or doing dishes or sweeping up or any of the other things that you coulda shoulda woulda done if not for the minor chore that took half the night, and then you remember back in high school when for a creative writing project you wrote a whole short story in one long run-on-sentence and you did it intentionally because the first word in the course title was creative and we were encouraged to do stupid crap like that so we could think we were all clever, but in this case nobody got the point and were like critical of it being one long endless sentence, and not a single one clued in that it was intentional, not even the teacher and that really makes me wonder because it was totally blatant, I mean to the extent that the last few words were the same as the first few, and ended with an elipsis so that people would know that it was meant to repeat over and over and over again, so how could they miss that?

Oh crap, the question mark ended my sentence. Sigh. I’ll think about the chores again. Or maybe I’ll type the post that I actually meant to type before I got locked into mortal combat with a sentence.

Conspiracies Abound

Posted 2009.07.14 16.30 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Aquarium Diary, Entry # 22

Noticed today that my thermometers and clocks seem to be in cahoots, lying to me about the time and temperature. 70 degrees my ass, it’s freezing in here. And it can’t be 4pm, it was just noon a little while ago. If the calendars get involved in this, I’ll be in deep trouble…

Must be the zebra fish. They’ve gotten to the clocks and thermometers somehow. Don’t know how they did it… they’ve been spawning like crazy though, breeding an army of fry. Why do they need an army??

Note: look into fry evolution – can they out of aquarium & tinker with stuff?

Will be keeping my iPhone close at all times – if zebrafish get control of iPhonius, I’m doomed.