Conspiracies Abound

Posted 2009.07.14 16.30 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Aquarium Diary, Entry # 22

Noticed today that my thermometers and clocks seem to be in cahoots, lying to me about the time and temperature. 70 degrees my ass, it’s freezing in here. And it can’t be 4pm, it was just noon a little while ago. If the calendars get involved in this, I’ll be in deep trouble…

Must be the zebra fish. They’ve gotten to the clocks and thermometers somehow. Don’t know how they did it… they’ve been spawning like crazy though, breeding an army of fry. Why do they need an army??

Note: look into fry evolution – can they out of aquarium & tinker with stuff?

Will be keeping my iPhone close at all times – if zebrafish get control of iPhonius, I’m doomed.

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