Faucet Snails

Posted 2009.07.16 11.14 in Aquaria by Stephanie

So my ‘snail babies’ are now confirmed to be nothing of the sort. 🙁

Here I was all happy and thinking I had some magical mystical miracle baby Pomacea diffusa (formerly known as P. bridgesii) snails but in reality they are (I am now quite certain) to be Bithynia tentaculata – the common faucet snail. Of course, I had my suspicions a few days ago but now it’s confirmed.

The clincher came when I started finding egg clutches in the isolation ward where I’ve been keeping them. Egg clutches of course means there is 0% chance of them being baby anythings, they must be mature adults. And the Bithynia evidence is that the clutches are in neat little rows, just like the Bithynia sp. lay.

On the other hand, they are cute, and they do look like miniature apple snails. I’m going to observe the eggs and see if the hatch, & how long it takes etc. and see what more I can learn about them. I’ve released most of the little slimers back into the aquarium at large, there’s just a couple in the breeder box now.

Routine Lapses of Judgement

Posted 2009.07.16 10.41 in DID, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I was going to call this post “Temporary Stupidity” but that just felt a wee bit too harsh. And not entirely accurate, really.

It’s  just that, sometimes I forget about consequences. Nothing huge mind you, like destroying the world because you think it would look cool, but then afterwards remembering that the world is where you kept all your stuff. Little things, and especially little things that can lead to pain or injury. Like, with my knife and sword hobby, it’s very easy to get all interested in playing with knives or swinging swords around, and temporarily forget that a razor-sharp knife might not be the best thing to practice fancy knife-twirling with, or momentarily fail to consider that accidentally swinging the sword into the coat-tree will result in most of one’s favorite jackets and sweaters ending up in need of emergency stitching (or replacement).

Read on for more – but warning, it might will get strange or and icky.

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This Sucks!

Posted 2009.07.16 5.45 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I woke up at 5:30 this morning, thirsty. Got up, drank some water, went back to bed thinking, thank the Gods it’s Saturday, if I can get back to sleep I can sleep in.


Then I start thinking, wait, is it Saturday?


Crap – this is Friday… so I can’t sleep in, gotta go to work. But at least, tomorrow I can sleep in. Happy.


Wait a minute – it’s not even Friday, is it?  It’s frakking Thursday. Dagnabbit. Grumbles.

This sucks.