Snail Football!

Posted 2009.07.18 16.22 in Aquaria, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So I read somewhere that snails are very curious and will play with any new goodies you put in the aquarium. Thinking it would be cool and funny, I put a fake coral thingy in there – expecting the snails to maybe crawl around it, cover it with snail-snot, that sort of thing.

After installing it, the snails ignored it for a few hours. Then – Speed Racer headed on over.

He didn’t crawl around it though.. Instead, he started digging down underneath it… Then he got his shell under it, and gave it a good solid header… he got it loose from the gravel, then gave it another header… got it up into the current, so it was shoved off into the corner. Then he followed it to the corner, and started work at pushing it into the very back corner.

Snail Football

Eventually he got it into the back right corner, where there is a blue night-light. It actually looks great at night, all a-glow with blue light. It seems the snails have a better idea of what looks cool than I do.

Still, I can’t help but imagine that in Speed Racer’s mind, this was going on…

Here we are with the score nil-nil, Snails versus Fish… and the Snail’s top striker, Speed Racer has the ball! Excellent header there, he’s got it loose and is moving for the goal… only a minute left in this match folks, at this point the next goal wins it… Oh and look at that footwork! Speed Racer has it past the Zebrafish defenders – he gives it a kick – GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL!  Speed Racer has done it! He’s done it! Yes, this is why Speed Racer is the top-paid striker in Aquarium Football! There he is, getting the game ball, he has done it! The Snails win the Aquarium Cup!

Story A Day

Posted 2009.07.18 13.28 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

Back in high school when I was taking Creative Writing, one of our assignments was to write something every day for a month. It didn’t have to be huge, like a short story or a couple pages or whatever, subject didn’t matter, the point was to write something every day.

As I recall, it was pretty easy at first. But life is busy and pretty soon you run out of things to write about, then you get busy, then you forget for a day or two, then you’re cramming to get a few separate things written out and trying to make sure it looks like each one was written on a different day…

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Feeling Younger Again

Posted 2009.07.18 10.10 in Family/Friends, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Well, a chat with my mum has made me feel younger again.  Yay mom! After work yesterday I was feeling old because I realized I’d been “in the industry” for over 20 years.

Thanks to a conversation with my mum, I’m feeling younger again. See, old people and grownups give a shit about having furniture that matches and doesn’t “clash” with their walls and floor. Whereas I don’t give a flying f**k about stuff like that. And although I might be generalizing, I think by and large, younger people share my sentiments. As long as the chair supports your arse, or the sofa is suitable for crashing on, it is doing the job. Having it match anything else in the room is a luxury – and an irrelevant one at that.

I mean, I’m not knocking it – grownups like my mum know how to make a room look really, really smart. It’s just that, life is so busy and short… and I’d rather be comfortable than stylish. My rocking chair doesn’t match anything in my house, but when I need to sit and rock, it’s the bomb. My sofa doesn’t match anything but my loveseat (and sorta matches the colour of my walls, which is more serendipity than design) but it, and the loveseat, are both comfy to crash on.

About the only thing I put any thought into was the style and colour of the blinds I got, and although I’m very happy with them, my mum’s reaction was “You’re getting those? Well… it’s your house…” (Seriously, I honestly believe they look really smart! And I’m not colourblind, honest!)

So – realizing that I still don’t care about coordinated livingroom suites and matching plates and cutlery and all that nonsense, I feel young again. Or at least, younger.

I’m sure any day now I’ll find out that the ‘young kids’ care about matching furnishings, and then I’ll know I’m truly doomed.