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Posted 2009.07.18 13.28 in Uncategorized by Stephanie

Back in high school when I was taking Creative Writing, one of our assignments was to write something every day for a month. It didn’t have to be huge, like a short story or a couple pages or whatever, subject didn’t matter, the point was to write something every day.

As I recall, it was pretty easy at first. But life is busy and pretty soon you run out of things to write about, then you get busy, then you forget for a day or two, then you’re cramming to get a few separate things written out and trying to make sure it looks like each one was written on a different day…

I’m wondering now, if for example the objective were to write 1,000 words per day of original creative writing, does it matter if you write seven of them in advance then you have your week finished, or do you really have to write one per day? I mean, I know people who are regular columnists can and do submit columns in advance at times, cartoonists can and do create a bunch of strips at once then just publish them once a day, so if I were tasked to produce one post per day on my blog, does it matter if I actually write everyday, or is it acceptable to write a whole bunch all at once when the urge hits, then coast the rest of the week?

Of course, now that I’ve really spelled out the question in detail, I already have my answer… It depends on the actual goal, doesn’t it? I mean, if the goal is simply to have at least one post per day, then it doesn’t matter when they’re written. But if the goal, as it was in Creative Writing class, is to hone our writing skills and learn to write even when we don’t feel like it, then it does matter a great deal that the pieces are written each day. Should the urge lead one to generate 7,000 words one day instead of the requisite 1,000 then that is fine, but it does not mean one can coast and do nothing for the next six days – each day must still have its quota met.

And with that, my friends, I am 382 words along for today! 🙂


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