Zebrafish Strike Back!

Posted 2009.07.20 17.50 in Aquaria, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Aquarium Diary, Entry # 28

Just when I thought hostilities may be drawing to a close, the Zebrafish have caught me off guard with a surprise counter-manoever.

All the while I’ve been worried about their legions of fry fighters, they have been secretly assembling an army of Dang Pond Snails! Physas and Planorbids by the dozen, if not by the hundred. Entire brigades of them. It is like someone detonated a pest-snail bomb in the aquarium.

Will probably take months to deal with them all. They are everywhere, eating algae, eating snail food, eating calcium, eating everything.

Won’t let my guard down again, this is a lesson learned. Zebrafish are craftier than I thought… it is disturbing.

WTF is Non-Toxic Lead?

Posted 2009.07.20 16.29 in Aquaria, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Not long ago I went through a whacky adventure while trying to deal with plants in my aquarium that wouldn’t stay rooted in the gravel substrate. Lest anyone want to give me a slap and tell me that there are already products on the market that make plant-anchoring easy, I promise you I am already aware of them.

That’s the first thing I looked into, in fact – I went to my LFS (local fish shop) and tried to find a good product that would keep the plants down. There was one such product they sold. I looked at the packaging. I read it. I read it again. And then I asked, What the F***?


Click for a larger view.

The first bullet-point tells you that the product does what you want – keeps those pesky plants planted. Great!

The second bullet-point tells you that it’s safe and non-toxic. Also great! I don’t want to put dangerous or poisonous stuff in my aquarium, I like my fishies and snailies.

The third bullet-point… says it’s made of soft lead? Excuse me? Since when was lead considered safe and non-toxic?

What exactly is non-toxic lead? Is it some other metal that is like lead? Something tells me, if it was made of bismuth they’d have said bismuth instead of lead. No, I think lead is lead. It certainly is soft and would be easy to wrap around the stems, and it is heavy, so it would keep them down. But, I mean, really? If lead were safe and non-toxic, then we wouldn’t have words like Lead Poisoning in our vocabulary, our regional water processing people wouldn’t be making a big deal over Testing for Lead in our drinking water, and we wouldn’t make fun of the Romans for using lead pipes to deliver their water.

So.. how can they claim that a lead product is safe and non-toxic? Especially when you’re supposed to put it into a tank full of water in an enclosed system, and let it sit and soak in there…

I’ve sait it before and I’ll say it again – WTF?

Update Hell

Posted 2009.07.20 10.38 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Damnit to hell and back! Every time I update something WordPress related, there’s about a day of peace and quiet, then something else is nagging me to update.

It’s a plugin! No it’s a widget! Now it’s bloody WordPress itself!

There needs to be a setting where you can turn off the gods-damn update nags!

This is the sort of shit that will make me snap one day and delete the whole nagging mess!


No I will not update now, I will do it when I am gosh darn ready! PISS OFF WITH THE NAGGING!

WordPress Stuff

Posted 2009.07.20 10.26 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Family/Friends by Stephanie

So this past month I’ve been helping my good friend Lezley to migrate her comic and web stuff from basically a standard html / cgi based system that I created 3 years ago, to a site fully powered by WordPress. We’re combining her stuff all into one site so she’ll have her comic and blog and everything under one roof, and start building it up from there.

It’s been kind of fun in that it is forcing me to learn more and get better aquainted with WordPress again. I’d gotten to a point with my own sites where I was just using them and not really doing anything interesting. I guess you reach a level where you’re happy with how things are, so you stop learning and expanding, then the world starts moving on and unless something happens to force you to keep up with it, you end up falling further behind. (Damn technology always improving and evolving.)

Anyhow, go and check it out! Peeling Onions’ new home is LezleyDavidson.com!



Posted 2009.07.20 9.03 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So for no reason in particular I have been going through all my old posts and adding tags. Out of 25 pages of posts, only the past 7 or 8 pages were tagged. I know the first 2 1/2 years my software didn’t have a tag option, then when I started with WordPress at first I didn’t use tags.

So, there’s probably in the order of 200 or 220 posts that didn’t have tags. I’ve got through all but the last 50 or 60, and I’ll do them later.

No reason I guess, other than to see what happens.

Update: I finished the tag-a-thon this morning — I’m pretty sure now that all my posts are tagged. Yay! I think.