Posted 2009.07.20 9.03 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So for no reason in particular I have been going through all my old posts and adding tags. Out of 25 pages of posts, only the past 7 or 8 pages were tagged. I know the first 2 1/2 years my software didn’t have a tag option, then when I started with WordPress at first I didn’t use tags.

So, there’s probably in the order of 200 or 220 posts that didn’t have tags. I’ve got through all but the last 50 or 60, and I’ll do them later.

No reason I guess, other than to see what happens.

Update: I finished the tag-a-thon this morning — I’m pretty sure now that all my posts are tagged. Yay! I think.


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