Snails, Fish, Aquarium

Posted 2009.07.24 21.06 in Aquaria, Hobbies by Stephanie

Some of my friends and family have expressed surprise that I am getting so much enjoyment from my aquarium, and specifically from a couple snails and some fish. Without over-analyzing things, I figured I’d put a bit of thought into how to explain why I find them to be a compelling passtime.


Panoramic view of my 23 gallon aquarium.

For one thing, I’ve always found moving water to be relaxing. Just the sound of it, the sense of it in the air. I read somewhere that moving water ionizes the air, which is why it feels so fresh after it rains, and why it feels so good around a waterfall.

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Chat Noir

Posted 2009.07.24 17.19 in Cats, Photography by Stephanie

Le Chat Noir

Le Chat Noir: Une petit-purr de dángeur.

Running Out Of Words

Posted 2009.07.24 8.29 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Uncategorized, Work by Stephanie

This month I’ve been writing quite a lot, trying to meet a personal goal of 1,000 words per day of personal (non-business-related) writing. The blob has been a great vehicle of course for this, and at the risk of sounding immodest, I think at least some of my writing this past month has been better than my average level of mindless babbling.

It’s getting difficult though – I guess I’m reaching the point where it starts becoming work and maybe writers’ block begins to set in.

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