Running Out Of Words

Posted 2009.07.24 8.29 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Uncategorized, Work by Stephanie

This month I’ve been writing quite a lot, trying to meet a personal goal of 1,000 words per day of personal (non-business-related) writing. The blob has been a great vehicle of course for this, and at the risk of sounding immodest, I think at least some of my writing this past month has been better than my average level of mindless babbling.

It’s getting difficult though – I guess I’m reaching the point where it starts becoming work and maybe writers’ block begins to set in.

I remember from when this daily-writing was a highschool assignment, and the same thing happened then. Easy at first, but gradually gets more difficult. Back then I don’t remember specifically what the requirement was in terms of ‘quantity’, i.e. was it number of words, pages, or just important to write something, anything, regardless of length. My 1,000 word goal was an arbitrary number and maybe doesn’t sound like much, but I think it takes an average of about four of my brief missives to hit that goal. Of course one long article can surpass the thousand-word-mark but those take me an hour or two to write, edit, review, etc. before I feel it’s ready.

I don’t know if that seems excessive or not – at work I am frequently called upon to write ‘important’ letters or memos or other communiqués, and people invariably comment on how professional and well-written they are. What they don’t see is how much time and effort goes into them, the two hours or so that I spent writing, reading, rewriting, editing, changing, rereading, et cetera, until I am finally satisfied. In fact – I don’t actually enjoy it. People think that because I’m good at it, that I must like doing it. I don’t. I’m good at it because I work hard at them and strive for perfection and clarity. It’s not something that just comes naturally or that I do for the sheer love of writing business communications. Yuck.

Anyhow, so perhaps this is the first response to the onset of writers’ block – writing about not feeling like writing? It seems a bit meta, a bit tongue-in-cheek almost. But there it is. I do have several more ideas for articles, missives, and rants; it’s just that the urge to actually do the hard part (getting them out of my head and ‘on paper’ as it were) is starting to fade.

Still — I’ve tasked myself to do this, and I’m not giving up. It’s just getting to the stage now where it becomes an actual challenge.

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