WTF is up with Apple lately?

Posted 2009.07.31 15.57 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I’m a Mac user. I have an iPhone. I (heart) the Mac OS X. But I’m no Apple fangrrrl, I don’t drink their kool-aid. I like their products but I’ll call them on their BS when I see it. I don’t expect them to be all warm and fuzzy, I understand that they are a big business and all that jazz. But lately it’s starting to feel like they’re going out of their way to remind us that all we are to them is dollar signs.

This thread at talks about Apple finally offering AppleCare (extended warranty) on their iPhones – after over a year of people asking for it, they finally made it available. Except — if you were one of the first to get an iPhone 3G last summer, it’s no longer eligible for AppleCare! Way to offer something after the most dedicated customers are unable to buy it.¬†According to that thread, Apple has been asked if they would allow those early-adopters to buy the extended warranty anyways, and the reports are that No, Apple won’t do that.

I had my own run-in with Apple BS earlier this week, which I won’t blog about in detail because it might be covered by the developer NDA that I signed… ¬†However:

Did you know that one of the security features in iPhone OS 3.0 is that you can remote-control erase your iPhone’s memory? You can also track it via its GPS. What you do is, subscribe to Apple’s MobileMe service, register your iPhone, then if it ever gets stolen, you can try and track it down, or send the self-destruct (erase) code so at least your sensitive data is not in the thief’s hands.

Do you realize that if you can remote-wipe your iPhone, so can Apple? A bunch of developers, myself included, were enlightened to this fact when our iPhones were surprise-erased this week. Some people got emails giving them a few hours’ warning, but many did not. Myself included.

Maybe it’s not all Apple. Maybe it’s just the iPhone group. Perhaps the iPhone / iPod success has let that division get so big (and big-headed) that they’re starting to run rampant. Whatever it is, I hope it stops. I don’t like it when they act like this. To quote my friend Lezley, turns them into just another greedy company instead of the progressive inclusive company I like to think they are.

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