Belfountain Conservation Area

Posted 2009.08.02 15.38 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

Today I went for a little trip, to go and visit a picturesque spot where I could take some pictures with my digital camera and try to get myself back into the photography thing. (Outcome: I need more practice.) My eyes are out of the habit of framing shots and I found myself fumbling around with lenses and forgetting settings. Still, one has to start somewhere, and I’m not unhappy with the results.

One of the first lessons I learned in my first photography course was to take lots and lots of pictures. The more pictures you take, the better your chances of getting a great shot. And that was in the days of film! With digital, you don’t even┬áhave to worry about wasting money for processing. Out of over 70 shots, I have selected eight that I like. And of the eight, only two or three are better than adequate, IMHO.

Tell me which ones you like the best, I’ll be interested to see if people like the same ones I like.

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  1. Leanne says:

    Looks like a cool place! My favourite pics are the ‘Base of the Falls’, ‘Bridge and Water’ and ‘Fountain’.

    Keep clicking! Looking forward to our photo shoot outing!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    ‘Fountain’ is definately one of my favorites too. It reminds me of feeling cool and refreshed on a hot summer day.
    ‘Base of the Falls’ is good but I think I should have used a faster shutter…
    ‘Bridge and Water’ is one that I’m not sure about. I like it but I’m not sure how much. It’s borderline for one of my favorites.


  3. Lezley says:

    I like the spray of the fountain… but I wouldn’t choose it. My favourites are “Base of the Falls” and the first “Suspension Bridge”.
    What a colossal drag that we got stupid, boring Terracotta when Belfountain was around the corner!!!!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Wow so two votes for ‘Base of the Falls’. I wouldn’t have picked that one… I guess it’s an ok composition but it has technical failings that kept it out of my top two.

    ‘Fountain’ was my #2 pick, but my favorite of the lot is…

    “The Falls”. I love the shadow crossing the far side of the falls, the plants in the foreground, and the way the plants, the top of the waterfall, and the shadow all create a sort of circle to draw the eyes around the photo. I’m also happy that the shutter speed was fast enough to freeze the motion, so that the individual droplets and ripples are all visible, while the depth-of-field was deep enough that almost everything is in focus, from foreground to background.


  5. Stephanie says:

    p.s. here’s a site that lists a bunch of scenic spots all along the escarpment area just west of highway 10…

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