Counting the Eggs before They’re Laid

Posted 2009.08.11 13.36 in Aquaria by Stephanie

I think my big blue snail is loaded with eggs! The past two nights, after dark she has hauled herself up out of the water and has been searching around the top of the aquarium. In my limited experience, they just don’t do that for the heck of it – full size apple snails aren’t exactly graceful out of the water. I imagine for them, it’s like lugging around 300 or 400 pounds of scuba equipment – managable and easy underwater, but ungainly and massive in the air. So for her to climb straight up out of the water, and another 3 inches or so to the top, then search all around, she must have some serious business to attend to.

The thought of little baby apple snails makes me excited, but then I’m getting ahead of myself since she hasn’t even laid a single egg yet – and until she does, it’s all really just speculation.

Still, if I’m right then it is an impressive feat I think – considering that in June she was one of a couple survivors at the local fish shop, a few snails left amongst dozens of dead empty shells, the result of someone putting a snail-eating fish into the snail tank. (WTF is that about? And why don’t they clean out the empty/dead shells?) So in just a couple months she’s gone from a small, probably traumatized survivor of a massacre, to basically doubling her size and perhaps is to becoming a snail-mommy. I think it’s impressive, anyhow.

Blue's Colours

This photo I took last night shows a discolouration in the right side of her shell on the most recent whorl – this discolouration showed up over the weekend, and is where the eggs would be hiding. So I *think* this is showing that she has some eggs stored up in there ready to come out – if only she can find the right spot to lay them.

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  1. I love this picture of her – she looks like she’s in ‘hyper-focus’.

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