Posted 2009.08.16 6.47 in Aquaria by Stephanie

WMDSThere comes a time when one must stop and consider the ramifications of having eleventy-million pest snails in their fish tank. Specifically, that time is when there are so many pest snails that they start taking up residence upon the other critters that you actually paid money for and gave names to.

Then, as adverse as I am to such concepts, it becomes unavoidable to realize that the pest snails have become a problem, and have outstayed their welcome. It is still a difficult choice, but when weighing the wellbeing of the three big cute applesnails that one has paid money for, given names to, and observed the development of their individual personalities, versus the aforementioned eleventy-million nameless identical tiny pests that have now invaded every nook and even the crannies… it becomes clear that something must be done. One realizes, it is time to deploy the Weapons of Mass De-Snailing.

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