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Posted 2009.08.17 18.23 in Aquaria, Photography by Stephanie

I’ve been hiding from the world for much of today, suffering a nasty grinding headache since 3am. It’s like industrial lasers are boring into my brain through my temples and eyesockets while my tinitus has been turned up on ‘full’ so the hypersonic impulses are crushing in through my ears.

So instead of a long wordy post with lots of grammar and long words, here’s some pictures of fish.

Blue and White

This is a female betta. I think most people only know about the males with their big frilly tails and fins, but the females are starting to get more and more colourful. This one is a real beauty, that light blue is almost irridescent on her, and when the light hits her right she just seems to glow.


Another beautiful female betta, examining her reflection in the glass. Females aren’t as agressive as the males but they can fight a bit, and they do flare. I’m keeping 5 females together as a ‘sorority’ and once they have established their territories and the ‘alpha’ has established her dominance, they are fairly friendly.


This is Doctor Pepper. Since I moved the two peppered corydoras to the big aquarium, they both hate me with a passion. I think they’re ok with the larger tank, it’s just the indignity of being moved that really grinds them. I’m trying to win them back with extravagant food, but they’re acting a lot more like cats than catfish — being all pissy and noses turned up. We’ll eat your food bitch, but don’t think you can look us in the eye.

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  1. She’s a beauty, too! (Just commented on your Alpha The Betta post.

    It’s so exciting to find someone else online who loves bettas and taking digital photos. Hehe!

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