What’s on my iPhone

Posted 2009.08.18 18.44 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

First PageI read somewhere that the ‘average iPhone user’ has 6 pages of apps on their device. That seems like a lot to me, but then I’ve never been accused of being an average anything. I’ve only got three pages of icons on my iPhone, and none of those pages are ‘full’ – I don’t like the aesthetic appearance of a full screen of icons, for some reason eleven seems to be the magic number for me – that’s the most I will put on a screen, before it looks too crowded and busy for me.

On my ‘main screen’ (first page) the only two installed apps I have there are the two I created – Liber Umbrarum et Lux, and PassGenR. Not that I use them every day, but I’m proud of them and like to see them there. 🙂 Actually I guess there’s a third installed app there too – down at that bottom area, that appears on every page, is the Files app. Well worth whatever I paid for it, it’s a handy place to store data. For instance, I have copies of PDF manuals for stuff (digital camera, iPhone, etc) in there, so I can refer to them if I need to even if there’s no computer handy.
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Biggest. Lens. Ever.

Posted 2009.08.18 14.09 in Photography by Stephanie

I didn’t even know such a beast existed, until I saw the review over at the Wild Nature Photography blog.

Appearantly Canon makes a 1200mm f5.6L telephoto lens. Rumour has it that it’s entirely hand-made, takes a year to build, and costs about $90,000.00 — but hey, if you want to photograph sports without having to go into the stadium, or need to do portraits from the next county over… this is the lens for you! 🙂

Biggest Lens Ever

Ooh – and you can stick a 2x teleconverter on it for a focal length of 2.4 meters, then put it on a crop-sensor body for an overall appearant length of 3840mm… yikes. And at only 38 pounds it’s light enough to be portable…lol.

Seriously though, it’s an impressive lens and the internet review is about as close as I expect to ever get to one of these monsters. I mean, I figured 250mm was a long lens, and on my old Minolta, I thought I was all that with my 200mm lens and a 3x teleconverter: 600mm was the bomb, I reckoned.

Anyhow, go and see the review. It’s pretty neat, and it’s an awesome lens to behold.

Snail Lurve

Posted 2009.08.18 8.21 in Aquaria by Stephanie

You know, they say that Snail Love is the purest form of love.

Snail Love

Why are we here? What’s our purpose?

Posted 2009.08.18 6.31 in Family/Friends, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Lezley (of Peeling Onions fame) has just blogged about some correspondence that she and I exchanged recently, discussing the meaning of life. (Just life, not the universe and everything.)

It’s fairly raw but maybe we can strike up a dialog between the two blogs and those of you who read them.