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Posted 2009.08.18 18.44 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

First PageI read somewhere that the ‘average iPhone user’ has 6 pages of apps on their device. That seems like a lot to me, but then I’ve never been accused of being an average anything. I’ve only got three pages of icons on my iPhone, and none of those pages are ‘full’ – I don’t like the aesthetic appearance of a full screen of icons, for some reason eleven seems to be the magic number for me – that’s the most I will put on a screen, before it looks too crowded and busy for me.

On my ‘main screen’ (first page) the only two installed apps I have there are the two I created – Liber Umbrarum et Lux, and PassGenR. Not that I use them every day, but I’m proud of them and like to see them there. 🙂 Actually I guess there’s a third installed app there too – down at that bottom area, that appears on every page, is the Files app. Well worth whatever I paid for it, it’s a handy place to store data. For instance, I have copies of PDF manuals for stuff (digital camera, iPhone, etc) in there, so I can refer to them if I need to even if there’s no computer handy.

The second and third screens contain more installed apps, they aren’t in any particular order (other than being mostly alphabetical). Games tend to be on the last page, along with stuff that’s just randomly interesting. So without further babbling, here’s the rundown on what my current favorite / installed apps are:

  • Second PageLiber Umbrarum et Lux: my Book of Shadows app – basically my witches’ bible, so I can get some spiritual reading in now and then.
  • PassGenR: my password generator app – incase I need to whip out some random strings at a moments’ notice.
  • Files: a great app that lets you upload data from your computer, can view many different formats, and to some extent lets you get around the fact that the iPhone / iPod Touch don’t have a disk mode.
  • Bento: a database app, designed to work with the desktop software of the same name, it can work standalone but IMHO works better as a way to reference your databases while ‘on the road’.
  • Cache Vault: an app that lets you store sensitive info like bank account #s, credit card #s, passwords et cetera. It works ok but I hate the ‘combination lock’ UI. However, I’ve already put all my stuff in there (and paid for the app) so I’ll stick with it.
  • Luan: a moon phase app. Gotta have a moon phase app, regardless of the platform. Luan works well and I think it was free.
  • ICHC: ICanHasCheezburger – lolcats are the real reason the internet exists.
  • WordPress: I can’t be arsed to make blog entries from the iPhone, the onscreen keyboard still bothers me, but this app is good for approving comments and stuff like that.
  • WeatherEye: comes from the Weather Channel (possibly the Canadian weather channel) and is slightly more accurate and up-to-date than the built in weather app. Also has more info than the built-in app.
  • What’s On?: television listings – nothing more, nothing less. Exactly what you want.Third Page
  • eBay: a very dangerous app, lets you bid on junk you don’t need from anywhere you get signal.
  • Heat Pad: a fun nonsense time waster.
  • Ion Lite: a game that I suck at. (I suck at all games.)
  • Spawn: another fun nonsense time waster, only I paid for this one because it is that good at wasting time.
  • Acellerometer Graph: a programming example app from Apple, that teaches how to use the raw data from the accelerometers.
  • Teslameter: another programming example app from Apple, to teach how to use the raw data from the magnetometers.

That’s about it. There have been other apps now and then, but either I didn’t like them, or got bored of them, or found they didn’t do what I needed.


  1. I downloaded Luan, Weathereye and What’s On! Thanks – that’s a great idea!

    Did you take a digital photo of the screens?

    Take good care!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I used screen captures to get the screenshots. I think there’s a way to do it by doing something with the buttons, but I don’t know what the secret combination is. It might be documented somewhere. I just use one of the developer tools to do screen grabs.

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