More Snails!

Posted 2009.08.19 8.19 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Yeah I’m addicted. I couldn’t resist. I adopted two more snailies, a pair of wee little golden snails. They’re somewhere between dime-sized and nickle-sized.

Smushed under a vacation feeder

This one was busy moving the plaster puck feeder when Speed Racer decided to bid a big friendly Welcome! by jumping on the puck and trying to smush the poor little gold snail.

Safe Perch

This one stayed clear and took up camp on the side of a decoration. (They are too small to sex and too new for me to know their personalities, so they don’t have names and I can’t call them ‘him’ or ‘her’ yet..)

Nom nom nom

And just for kicks, here is my Big Blue girl, getting her nom-noms on with an algae wafer.


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