Zebrafish – Bigger and Better

Posted 2009.08.26 16.08 in Aquaria by Stephanie

It’s been nearly 3 months now since I got my zebra danio fish. I started with just two, Shifty and Popeye, then after a week or so, I added five more. They were small, like an inch to inch and a quarter long, they were also skinny and scrawny. I couldn’t tell males from females, though I realize now that this is because they were somewhat young and hadn’t fully developed.

Of the new five, only two got names. The albino, I named Blondie and there was one that was so scrawny that I named it Runt. I actually didn’t expect Runt to survive, he looked that unhealthy.

Anyhow, so here we are a mere 12 weeks later, and not only are all seven of them alive and going strong, but they’ve gotten bigger, developed, and been mating like crazy. (Although zebra danios are rather fast twitchy fish, everything they do, they do it like they’re crazy.)

Shifty has grown to nearly 2 inches long, and his fins have gotten all big and flowy. I had no idea he was a ‘fancy’. He really looks good when he’s all flared out to threaten the other male or to show off to the females. It’s hard to get a pic of him like that because he won’t stay still…


Popeye is a female, and while the gals aren’t as long as the males, they make up for it in girth – their bellies get a bit plump so they have a place to store all the eggs. The other difference is the males tend to have a golden colour while the females are more silverish.


Although they’ve been mating like crazy, and now and then I find all kinds of zebra fry, not a single one has survived past the fry stage. The problem is, the eggs and the fry are so gosh-darn tasty that not even their own parents can resist the little snack-sized babies. If I were serious about raising Zebrafish (which I’m not) then I’d set up a breeding tank and all that jazz. Really though, I’m just content to have fish that are happy and healthy.

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