Fish Fry!

Posted 2009.08.30 19.38 in Aquaria by Stephanie

One FryNo, I don’t mean with batter and oil – I mean baby fish. Baby zebra fish, to be specific.¬†When I did the weekly cleaning, I found dozens of fry in the pail after I did the gravel-vacuum. There were so many that I couldn’t just pretend I didn’t see them…

So I got out a little (1.5 litre) holder, and put as many as I could catch into it. I have about two dozen I think. They’re very small, about 3mm long. To the unaided eye, they look like little black lines with a dot at one end.

Two Zebra FryUp close though, they look like two eyes, a belly, and a tail. Some of them have fins on the sides, but haven’t developed the top, bottom, or tail fins yet.

I estimate they are 3 to 5 days old, at most. They aren’t really free-swimming yet, prefering to stay ‘stuck’ along the glass. I’ve given them some commercial fry food and will see how it goes – who knows, maybe I’ll have a new generation of zebra fish.

Another Fry

I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself though – the first challenge is to see if I can keep these guys alive for a week. Then two weeks. And so on – from what I’ve read, it’s going to be a few months before they’re big enough to return to the aquarium without getting eaten by their parents. So, it’s wait-and-see time.

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