Zebrafish Fry Update

Posted 2009.09.20 8.32 in Aquaria by Stephanie

fry3It’s been about a week and a half I think since the last update. And a difficult week and a half it’s been, for the fry. Their numbers are down to about 10 or 12 now – we lost almost a dozen in one day which I blame myself for. Overfeeding… leads to uneaten food spoiling, leads to foul water, leads to dead fishies.

Still, the ones who survived must be hardy, right? They’re still growing, up to about 7 or 8 mm long now in some cases. The biggest is starting to show fins, too! His tail is getting finny and he’s growing a fin down on his bottom. They’re all getting more fish-shaped, their bodies continuing to slowly grow.

fry2Cleaning is still tricky, it’s hard to syphon the water and poop without catching a few of the fry. Then I have to try and syphon the fry back up again, and as they get bigger, I’m sure the tube-ride is getting more hazardous for them. I’m still feeding them on the ‘first bites’ food, but still have no idea what the correct amount is.

It’s fun to watch them, and as they get bigger, it gets easier to see them. Still no easier to take pictures though, they’re still small and they scoot around like the grownup zebra fish do.

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