Queen West Art Crawl

Posted 2009.09.21 16.49 in Family/Friends, Photography by Stephanie

My friend Lezley Davidson was sharing a table with Ty Dunitz in Toronto over the weekend at an art fair thingy. On Sunday I went to visit and see what it was all about. And I brought my Holga camera.

The Holga had some issues, namely the film counter window had issues (or maybe the film itself had issues) and we ended up with 6×6 pictures all overlapped by about 1cm. I scanned the images as best I could, but there’s lots of overlapping craziness. Out of a roll and a half, there were some shots that were interesting enough to share.


  1. Lezley says:

    Ha!! The pic of “Lezley and Ty” – what am I doing with my mouth? “hmmm – see, grrrr, hmmm, seee, yaaaah.”

  2. Stephanie says:

    I thought you were smiling? Isn’t that a smile?

  3. Lezley says:

    Is that a smile? It may be in the smile genre, but it looks more like a grimace to me… I still like the shot. ‘Tis nice.

  4. Lezley says:

    As a side note… the picture of me and Ty that you took is now on the mantle in the family home. His mom cyber-stalked him on the internet and chose YOUR picture to print out and display for all the gathering Thanksgiving family.

    I got cropped out and put in the trash. :c

    1. Stephanie says:

      Aw! That’s… how did they do that? I mean, you were in front? They couldn’t have had much Ty left if they cropped you out.

      I should send them a hi-rez version… but they oughtn’t have cropped you out.

      Other than them tossing you aside it is kind of funny – some random stranger with a cheapo plastic camera takes the picture that the family decides to display on the mantle. 😀

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