Home Made Camera: Night 2

Posted 2009.10.06 22.44 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

I don’t feel like I made as much progress tonight, although I think I did as much work…

Tonight I worked on the film transport mechanism – aka the knobs. I’ve made them complicated as they do 3 things. They have to rotate of course, to allow the film to be advanced. They also have to move up and down, because the bottom part of the spool holders are fixed, so the upper / knob ones have to move so the spools can be loaded and removed. And finally, they are tensioned with springs, so they provide tension to the spools, to help keep the film tight.

The first picture below shows a closeup of one of the twisty springy bits that will be inside the camera. The second picture shows the twisty springy knobby bits test-mounted to the camera body. There is some more work to do with these yet but I’m happy with the design, it’s just some fine-tuning to make it perfect.

After working on that for a while, I made the camera back. Well ‘made’… I cut it and filed it to size then cut a little hole for the film counter. I need to find some ruby gel material (or a cheap substitute.)

Then I worked a bit on the simple shutter mechanism. I had an idea this morning, instead of making the simple shutter and the pinhole together as one module, I realized I could make separate shutter modules and separate pinhole / lens modules. I was still stumped though in that I wouldn’t be able to swap anything with film in the camera. Then this afternoon I got another brainstorm.

I’ll make the ‘simple shutter’ module, then permanently fix it to the front of the camera. It becomes a safety shutter – simple to open and close for use with a pinhole, or close it then I can swap lenses, or add a real shutter and real lens (once I’ve made them.) I didn’t get the simple shutter thing finished tonight, but got the wood and metal bits cut out. I just have to put them together.

Finally, I painted the inside of the camera with black paint. I don’t know if it is matte, I couldn’t find anything that specifically said matte. Generic black is good enough I guess.

Oh and I forgot to mention this last night – do you notice the mini-tripod in two of the above pics? Yeah, I built a tripod mount into the base of the camera.