Home Made Camera: Night 3

Posted 2009.10.07 23.45 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

More progress tonight. I found something to use as a ruby gel on the film counter window: something I had laying around the house, cheap and plentiful, and related to cameras. Well, not ruby, but orange… Some unexposed leader from colour film! The orange mask on the negative is a good substitute. Finally, I coated the back of the back plate in black felt to provide a bit more lightfastness, as well as a soft plane for the film to roll against.

Although building a camera on the fly without plans is unbelievably cool (I’m a legend in my own mind!) sometimes it leads to wasted materials and mistakes. I ended up shelving the shutter I had built last night and went with an even simpler sliding design – just pull it up to expose, slide it down to shut. To mount it flush against the front of the body I had to lay another veneer of wood, but I ran out of oak. So the front is now yellowheart wood. Actually so is the back. Symmetricalicious.

So finally I used another piece of brass as a strap across the front. I made a small hole in the brass and then placed a bit of tin behind it. And then poked it with the pin. Voilla! Pinhole!

The only things that are left for me to do, are to finish the twisty windy springy things, and hook up the thingy that holds the back in place. Oh and I’ll stuff some felt inside as well so the film doesn’t get scratchy running over the wood bits.

Oh and then I have to sand the whole thing, then finish the exterior with tung oil to make it pretty.

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