Home Made Camera: Night 4

Posted 2009.10.08 23.37 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

A step or two forwards, a step or two back?

Tonight, I lined the interior of the body with felt along the film path (to help the film move smoothly and scratch-free) and the periphery of the chamber (to help keep it light-tight). This was fairly easy, calling upon all the cut & paste skills I learned in kindergarten.

Then I worked some more on the windy-twisty-springy things. They now work better – I ┬áran my dummy-roll completely through from one end to the other. There were some hitches but if it were real film, it would have been fine. I’m still not 100% satisfied however; so I didn’t finish them off. I might look at some alternatives. The springs I have are ok but not perfect, but I’m lazy and impulsive and might not bother hunting for the perfect ones. The knobs I got are ok but too small, making winding occasionally painful. I might just use some small furniture knobs instead.

I re-made the pinhole ‘properly’. Last night’s version was just tinfoil. Tonight I cut apart an aluminum soda can and flattened & filed down a square of aluminum, then punched a better hole.

Finally, I sanded the body smooth all around, and then treated it with two coats of tung oil. I may give it a third or fourth coat tomorrow, depending on how it looks.

The only thing that didn’t get addressed tonight was how to secure the camera back. The idea I had before proved to be unwiedly. For now, the back is tight enough that friction holds it. If I haven’t come up with a solution by the weekend, I’m going to run a roll of film through it with the back just wedged in place. Ditto the winding knobs, if I don’t have a perfect solution tomorrow, I’ll use my imperfect one and go for it. Either way, Saturday there should be pictures!

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