Home Made Camera: Results!!!

Posted 2009.10.10 23.15 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

Today I had the opportunity to take some photographs with my home-made pinhole camera. It was a lot of fun, and some anxiety and excitement about what would come of it. I also found some definite issues that need addressing before I try another roll.

First, just relying on friction to hold the back in place was a Bad Idea. Very quickly the back was loose and I had to hold the camera carefully when moving it, to keep the back from coming off. Second – though fortunately not till I was finished – the tripod mount came out so I have to do some work on that to re-attach it more securely. And finally, my ‘shutter’ is too stiff. More of a darkslide than a shutter – I found I had to keep a finger over the pinhole, open the ‘shutter’, then remove my finger for the exposure. Then cover up with a finger again while I wrestled with the ‘shutter’.

But enough about the problems – what of the pictures? As soon as I got home tonight, I got to work. Nervously processing the film, double-checking to make sure I didn’t make a dumb mistake like putting the fixer in before the developer. When the fixing was finished, I couldn’t wait to open the tank and peek in while the rinsing was going on. There were images! As soon as the rinse was done I pulled the film out and looked at it – there were 12 images! I could see at once some were over-exposed, some were under-exposed. But pictures! My home-made camera made images! OMG OMG OMG!

Check them out:

All my outdoor exposures were about 5 seconds which was about twice as long as they should have been. When I scanned the negs, I adjusted the density to compensate. The indoor shot worked out really well as-is.

I must admit, I’m totally chuffed with the results. The biggest image problem is with the felt that helps move the film smoothly – I forgot to trim it after it was in place. So the image frame is all funky shaped and every image has a blob of felt fiber in the top-left corner where a big tuft of felt was sticking out.