More Pinhole Pics

Posted 2009.10.12 19.23 in Hobbies, Photography by Stephanie

I took some more shots today with my home-made camera. Made a silly mistake though – the 0.3mm pinhole is about three and a half f-stops from the big misshapen pinhole from Saturday, but I forgot to adjust my exposure times accordingly. So a lot of shots were under-exposed.

Still, a few came out not-too-bad. It’s a bit of a soft dreamy look, and I still find it amazing that the images come out at all, with no lens, just a wee little hole.

I still need to fix the film gate along the top – the felt is still getting in the way a bit. Other than that, and the under-exposures, it’s working pretty well I think.


  1. malmal says:

    Thats a lot better. I saw a project once that had a brass slide with different holes in it, so you could choose the hole size [ sunny cloudy etc..]

    1. Stephanie says:

      That’s cool. I have some different holes in my little bit of aluminum, but the tradeoff is the larger the hole, the fuzzier the image… so you get a faster exposure but at the cost of clarity.

      I’ve also read about “zone plates” that appearantly work like pinholes but with much larger apertures, like in the f/50 or f/60 range. They focus with diffraction, but they seem to be very complicated to make.


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