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So much for all my bravado. Walk it off. Rub some mud on it. Wrong answer.

It hurts! Owie owie owie owie!

I made it about 3 or 4 hours from my last blob post before I was searching the yellow pages for a dentist. Got an appointment but not till Monday. In the meantime… holy moly it hurts. Constant nonstop pain, with occasional throbbing. It’s not that the level of pain is that high – it’s only about a 6 out of 10. With an occasional throb or pulse up to about a 7 or 8 out of 10. It’s the non-stopped-ness, the fact that it can’t be ignored, and the fact that it doesn’t ^*&^% respond to #$%# painkillers!

That and my jaw is swelling up so the pain isn’t just at one tooth any more. Damn it hurts.

I might end up calling the dentist again to see if he has any emergency openings today… I don’t know if I can last the weekend.

And now, for your reading pleasure, here is my Stephanie Pain Scale – from one to ten, how much stuff hurts.

  1. First level is just a mild itch with a twinge of pain. Vaguely irritating but only for a few moments.
  2. Number two is bruise, or a stubbed toe after the initial pain has passed.
  3. Number three is the initial pain of a lightly stubbed toe, or a light arthritis ache. Also some muscle and joint pains count here.
  4. Number four is the initial pain of a very badly stubbed toe. This is also the kind of pain you get from a moderate arthritis ache.
  5. Number five is the level of pain you get from a smallish first degree burn – constant prolonged pain.
  6. Number six is the level of pain you get from a smallish second degree burn, or a larger 1st degree burn. Also from some un-numbed dental work.
  7. Number seven is the kind of pain you get from a larger second degree burn, or from some more significant un-numbed dental work.
  8. Number eight is reaching memorable levels – having a tooth drilled without freezing, or ‘deep cleaning’ without freezing. Also, breaking a rib while you have pneumonia, so you experience coughing fits while having a broken rib, can be about this intense.
  9. Number nine is where the pain reaches a point where one nearly passes out from it. An example would be having a fingernail torn off – that is the 2nd worst pain I’ve ever experienced, strong enough to make me think that cutting off the finger would be less painful. (Note: I kept the finger, and the nail grew back.)
  10. Number ten is where the pain is strong enough that it does indeed make you pass out. Note, ¬†you don’t pass out during the pain, you pass out after. And if the pain starts up again, you wake up for it, then pass out again. For example, having about 8 inches of surgical shunt tubing drawn out of your chest while you’re awake and not in any way drugged, and your body is all tender and swolen from surgery.

So there you have it – the Stephanie scale of pain – I’m hovering at about a constant 6… It doesn’t seem likc much but like I said, it’s not the level of pain so much as the fact that it is constant, without any relief and I can’t ignore it.

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