Paranoid Theory Eleventeen-Dash-Three

Posted 2009.10.21 14.17 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Doing the accounting for three businesses plus my own self-employedness, I tend to fill out a lot of tax forms on a regular basis. Today while doing three sets of tax forms for one of the two levels of sales tax, I suddenly had the following paranoid thought:

Can the government detect how many times you said the word Nitwits while filling out their forms?

Not that I was saying it a lot mind you… and I certainly wasn’t referring to them. It was completely unrelated. Honest.

I envision there is some kind of machine that the tax forms get fed into… obviously it scans the paper to work out how much money you owe them, and also analyses your handwriting so they can tell if you need to be put on some sort of watch-list… but does it also have the ability to extract audio data that the paper was exposed to?

I’m going to be up all night worrying about this now…


  1. Steve Algernon says:

    This reminded me of the discussion about retrieving sounds from pottery and paint strokes:

    I’m sure pen strokes aren’t too far behind.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I remember seeing an episode of Mythbusters where they tried to record sounds onto pottery, but they said it couldn’t be done… Then again, it’s important to remember that they’re special-effects people, not scientists. And their show is entertainment, not education. And most obviously, they obviously have their scripts censered by The Government so as to ensure that certain ‘myths’ are always ‘busted’…

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