Corydora Kitten Cat Fish!

Posted 2009.10.24 11.53 in Aquaria by Stephanie

OMG – this morning I was sitting around trying to think of some good ways to procrastinate on my chores, when I noticed something small, dark and wriggly scooting along just above the gravel in my aquarium.

I moved in for a closer look, and to my shock there was a wee little teeny tiny Peppered Cory catfish! A baby catfish!

A kitten fish! Squeeee!

Cory Kitten Fish

My two corydoras have been mating like crazy for what seems like at least two months, but I didn’t think anything had come of it – the eggs looked like duds, and they all get eaten within a few days. So this was totally unexpected!

The little baby is about 1/2 inch long, I don’t know how old that would make it, and I don’t know if there might be others. It’s obviously done a very good job at hiding, to have survived to get to this size.

It looks just like the parents, except in miniature.



  1. warren says:

    Wow. Kitten-fish. That is so cyoot.

    I wish my cories would make babeez for me. I have platy and guppy babies out the wazoo. But the cories lay eggs (they stick them to the sides of the tanks) and then, nothin. Nothin. Sigh. 🙂


  2. Stephanie says:

    The parents ended up eating the baby in the picture… 🙁

    However, I managed to get two more baby kittenfish, by moving the eggs to a nursery tank. I moved about 15 or 18 eggs, and got two babies. They’re about an inch long now and soon I’ll put them back with the adults.

    If you leave the eggs on the glass, sometimes the corydoras will even eat their own eggs – you can tell if the eggs are viable if they turn sort of brownish. But if they get white and ‘fuzzy’ then they are no good.

    Sometimes you can use a magnifying glass to even see a baby fish inside the egg, if it’s viable the baby fish is visible after a few days. That’s when I move the eggs to the nursery tank.


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