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Run Away!

Posted 2009.11.30 15.28 in Aquaria by Stephanie

So, in the world of apple snails, the way that the little fellas try and win the girl of their dreams is significantly different than the sort of romance we’re used to. In fact, from observing my small group of snails, I can say that what seems to be the preferred strategy rather seems to involve sneaking up from behind, then pouncing on the girl’s back.

Granted, this is somewhat effective considering that neither the girl or her hopeful beau have any arms and legs. Still it does seem a bit… abrupt. And judging from the typical reaction the gals offer, I tend to think they agree with me.

Here we see Speed Racer, currently being ‘romanced’ by Munchkin. Speed Racer is attempting to flee from the small yellow fellow, but the flight is in vain – it is impossible to outrun your stalker, when he’s firmly attached onto the back of your head.

Run Away!

The situation is all the more amusing serious when one realizes that we don’t even know for certain if Speed Racer is male or female – it is entirely possible that the larger snail is in actuality a very surprised and upset fellow.

Romantic endeavors of this nature are not without consequence – both Munchkin and fellow male Little Buddy suffer from numerous minor bumps and dents along the front of their shell, as the other snails have learned some effective tricks of their own, to discourage ongoing romantic attempts.

Repeated bashing of the male into a wall has questionable success, but is undoubtedly rewarding for the female. A more-effective strategem is to move between two heavy decorative objects, in order to ‘scrape’ the male from her back by pushing between the objects while moving forwards.

No Coincidence

Posted 2009.11.29 14.18 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I better be more careful. You know it was no “coincidence” that minutes after posting the warning about wearing hats, an ambambulance pulled up and stopped infront of my house, right infront of my livingroom window, so they could check in on me at my computer.


Sure they pretended to be “lost”, they took turns rooting through maps, but I noticed that only one was looking at maps at the time. That meant the other was free to spy on me…

It Doesn’t Have To Be Tinfoil

Posted 2009.11.29 13.56 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather by Stephanie

The hat, that is.

You see, any kind of hat will help prevent them from seeing your thoughts. I have figured it out.

When you think, it tickles the hair follicles that are rooted in the outer layer of the brain. This causes the hair to vibrate imperceptibly at a very high frequency. The frequency is phase modulated as your thought patterns change.

They can read this from space, with their high-power sattelite cameras and a computer algorythm that converts the phase modulated hair frequency back into patterns that they use to know what you are thinking about.

So the hat – doesn’t have to be tinfoil. Just any old hat will do. You see, the hat dampens the follicular frequency vibrations, preventing your hair from telegraphing your thoughts to anyone watching.

Being indoors won’t help, their technology can see through windows. Only a hat, or really anything that you wear directly on the head, that is in contact with the hair, will save you.

I’m not saying tinfoil doesn’t help, just that it’s not strictly speaking necessary, if you just want to prevent them from reading your thoughts. There are other things tinfoil is good for.

So play safe, wear a hat.

Momma and one of her Babies

Posted 2009.11.28 15.06 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Momma and one of her Babies


Posted 2009.11.28 8.57 in Aquaria by Stephanie

This is what a hundred newborn baby snails look like:


Ok I don’t know if it’s an even hundred – I didn’t count them. This is just some of the snails from the second clutch. Not all of them. The first clutch isn’t included at all.

All them little dots are alive and looking for food. And when they find food – then all them little dots start pooping. And someday, if they all survive, each of them little dots will require 2 1/2 gallons of water, plus regular maintenance…


More Obscure TV Trivia Answers

Posted 2009.11.27 23.00 in Music/Movies/TV by Stephanie

Recently I posted another little TV trivia quiz – essentially, a commercial had asked, “Do you have what it takes to run a TV station?”  And to that, I immediately responded, I have a wheelchair and a fedora – of course I have what it takes to run a TV station!

I was referring to a certain character on a certain TV show. 150 points were on the table – and Doug won them all! Congratulations!

For the rest of you, here’s the answers:

You get 50 points for each correct answer. Cheers!

P.s. my fedora is red and I don’t have a matching suit, but I could still run a TV station.

Yet Another Egg Clutch

Posted 2009.11.27 9.30 in Aquaria by Stephanie

When I found the first egg clutch, my reaction was “Yay!” but by the fourth, it was more like “Oh, crap…”

I’m going to have to start destroying egg clutches, I don’t have the resources to raise several hundred babies. Still, I’d like some coloured ones – the first two clutches produced nothing but gold / light coloured snails. And this newest clutch does look ‘darker’, making me wonder if it was perhaps laid by one of the other snails.

Clutches 3 and 4

On the left is the third clutch, now 10-days old. On the right is the fourth clutch, just laid last night.