Aquarium Update #1 – Snail Tank

Posted 2009.11.09 9.05 in Aquaria by Stephanie

My 38-gallon aquarium, aka the Snail Tank, is where my apple snails live, along with some friendly fish. Not that I think people want to read all the nitty gritty details of my aquarium, so this is more or less for me, so if my memory goes, I will have something to refer back to.

The Snail Tank

There’s five apple snails in there right now. Speed Racer is my original snail, he (or she) is also the biggest. Then Big Blue, whom I am certain is a female, has been with me second-longest. Little Buddy is like a little brother or cousin to Speed Racer, and is definately male. Shelly is a pretty golden girl. And then the most-recent addition, a little golden male who doesn’t have an official name yet. I call him Munchkin though cos he’s kind of cute.

The snail tank is also home to four peppered Corydora catfish. There’s Doctor Pepper, and Sgt. Pepper, my original two. Doctor Pepper is male and Sgt. Pepper is female. Then there’s two more that were added later. Little Pepper is a male as well, and an albino named Salty Pepper. Lately though, Salty Pepper has been very lethargic and I am worried that he’s not well.

Finally, there are four Harlequin Rasboras in there. They’re rather peaceful and unassuming fish, and although they look nice, they don’t really have any distinguishing characteristics or traits. I hate to say it but they’re just ‘there’. Except I’m pretty sure it was the Rasboras that ate the zebrafish fry when I had the fry in a breeder basket in the snail tank.

Speaking of fry, it’s been two weeks since that one sighting of a corydora baby. I’ve been watching carefully and searching but there’s no trace any more. Sadly I think maybe it got eaten. Sgt. Pepper is the only one big enough to have gulped it down. If I do see a baby corydora again, I’m going to try and catch it so I can move it to the nursery tank so it won’t get eaten.

Snail Porn

Finally, here’s a gratuitous sex photo – Munchkin is mating with Speed Racer, and Little Buddy has jumped in too. A little three-way snail sex. And speaking of sex, there’s two separate egg clutches in there right now. One is just over a week old and the other is a few days old. The second clutch was from Shelly, I don’t know for certain who laid the first clutch.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Update… this morning, my albino cory passed away. 🙁

    Last night I noticed he had an injured fin, I put him in an isolation tank and was going to get some medicine for him today… sigh. 🙁

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