Dropdown Menus & Site Maps

Posted 2009.11.10 14.07 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

I just finished hacking up a plugin for my website here. With over 60 pages nested in levels and sub-levels, I’ve been worried that visitors won’t always know where they are on the site or what else is available.

A while back I added a sort of location indicator to pages, that helps identify where on the site you are. For instance, if you’re on the Snail Cam! page, then at the top of the page you’d see something like this: “Home » About Me » Snails! » Snail Cam!

So, that sort of indicates where you are relative to the top but still doesn’t show whate else is around. I’ve had a drop-down menu thing going on almost since the start, and it does show all the different pages, but it’s organized in hierarchical levels and you would really have to be hunting in order to find things. If you don’t mouse-over everything, you’ll miss stuff.

What I really needed was a site-map, and to put a link to it on the top menu bar so it couldn’t be missed.

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Aquarium Update #4 – Nursery Tank

Posted 2009.11.10 8.11 in Aquaria by Stephanie

After losing almost all of my zebrafish fry, I finally got the idea to set up a small separate tank for them. I was down to just two fry at this point. I got a 1-gallon ‘MiniBow’ tank that had an undergravel filter, and set it up.

Nursery Tank

I put the zebrafish fry in it, and also dropped in a single Physa snail (aka pond snail aka bladder snail) and a single trumpet snail, and put in some leaves that had come off a plant in another tank.

Within a week, one of the two fry simply vanished – leaving just a solitary survivor. I have named him Les because he is a survivor.

He’s growing quite slowly, because unfortunately the tank is unheated. I may have to fix that as it gets colder with the changing seasons. So he’s just over 1/2 inch long, but he’s a perfect copy of the adults, just in miniature.

Meanwhile the physa and trumpet snails have both been reproducing; there are lots of baby physas crawling around, and I’ve seen a few baby trumpets lurking around the gravel.