Aquarium Update #4 – Nursery Tank

Posted 2009.11.10 8.11 in Aquaria by Stephanie

After losing almost all of my zebrafish fry, I finally got the idea to set up a small separate tank for them. I was down to just two fry at this point. I got a 1-gallon ‘MiniBow’ tank that had an undergravel filter, and set it up.

Nursery Tank

I put the zebrafish fry in it, and also dropped in a single Physa snail (aka pond snail aka bladder snail) and a single trumpet snail, and put in some leaves that had come off a plant in another tank.

Within a week, one of the two fry simply vanished – leaving just a solitary survivor. I have named him Les because he is a survivor.

He’s growing quite slowly, because unfortunately the tank is unheated. I may have to fix that as it gets colder with the changing seasons. So he’s just over 1/2 inch long, but he’s a perfect copy of the adults, just in miniature.

Meanwhile the physa and trumpet snails have both been reproducing; there are lots of baby physas crawling around, and I’ve seen a few baby trumpets lurking around the gravel.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Update: When I cleaned the 23gal tank this morning I found 8 or 9 new zebra fry. These are newborns, little 3mm long sticks with two dots at one end. I put them in the 1gal with Les. Hopefully he won’t eat them. They seemed to go down to hide in the gravel.

    In exchange, I took about a dozen little physas out and put them in the 23gal tank… the loaches might like them.

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