“A Great Day for Canada”

Posted 2009.11.11 0.01 in Spiritual by Stephanie

I am very fortunate. Neither myself, my parents, or any of my grandparents, have served in combat. Both my grandfathers were involved in World War 2, but one took ill and was sent home before shipping overseas, and the other was in the Signals Corps but never shipped out either.

A great-grandfather did serve in the Great War, he was wounded at least twice, and we still have some relics from that time. Letters he wrote, one written from inside a ‘Hun Pillbox’ he had helped capture, another written from hospital as he recovered from injuries.

There is a bracelet that is inscribed “Vimy” and is alledgedly made from the metal of a shell that was fired during that great battle, along with some of his badges and other parephenalia. I never knew my great-grandfather though – any of them in fact. I have no direct connection to anyone who has served in the armed forces, seen combat.

So, what does Rememberance Day mean to me, then? There is one phrase, which symbolises it all to me. “Today, will be a great day for Canada!” This simple sentence brings tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat.

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