Snail Pile!

Posted 2009.11.12 17.23 in Aquaria by Stephanie

I’ve never seen them do this before – all five of my snails gathered up together in the corner next to a filter. And it appears that there’s some, ah, romance going on.


From top to bottom, there’s Shelly (all by herself), then Speed Racer, though (s)he’s mostly hidden behind Little Buddy who might be getting amorous, or might just be hanging on because he’s annoying that way. Then there’s Big Blue, and she’s almost certainly being ‘romanced’ by the little golden Munchkin who’s sitting on Big Blue’s side.

And to my chagrin and annoyance, there are also two of those dang-blasted planorbid snails in there as well, one on the Munchkin’s operculum and one on Big Blue’s operculum. Grumble grumble nuts and curses.

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