Snail Eggs Update

Posted 2009.11.14 17.25 in Aquaria by Stephanie

There’s still two clutches, I’ve left them where they are to let them incubate where the snail(s) put them.

The first clutch is now two weeks old. It’s awkwardly placed on the back of a filter, and I don’t think I’d be able to get it off without damaging it anyways. When it hatches, the babies will just drop down into the tank I guess. The first clutch is the larger one, being over 2 inches long I think.

First Clutch, 2 weeks along

First Clutch, 2 weeks along

It could just be wishful thinking, but it looks to me that the clutch is starting to turn colour, and I can see what I think are black spots in some of the eggs – little dark coloured babies maybe?

With luck, the first clutch will hatch some time in the next week or so – I’ve read 3 weeks is a common incubation period.

The second clutch is in a better spot for watching and dealing with – I could put a net breeder under it, or even try and knock it off into a net, if I wanted to put the babies somewhere else.

If 3 weeks is the magic number, then the second one has about another fortnight to go.

Second Clutch, 1 week along.

Second Clutch, 1 week along.

The second clutch is small, only about an inch and a half long, and a half inch around.

Updates & Plugins

Posted 2009.11.14 10.24 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

A while back I ranted a bit about how updates seem to come one after another, and it got very annoying to update something only to have a new version come out the next day.

Lately it’s been pleasantly quiet. This morning though there was a plugin update. The plugin that drives my ‘Random Words’ on the sidebar. So I did the update – it didn’t seem to be a security update nor any additional functionality, but I don’t like that update reminder there infront of me all the time so I went ahead and did it.

Dang blast it, I followed the directions and it erased all the preferences. Grumble grumble damn and curses. I hate when that happens! Of course I don’t remember what the preferences were – little details like point size, colours, and all that. Plus, when I followed the update instructions the thing didn’t even work – fatal error. I don’t really mind the 5 minutes I spent fixing the bugs in the plugin, but the 10 – 15 minutes of screwing around trying to get the preferences just right, really ticks me off. Because I can’t get it just right. I don’t remember what the exact colours were before, and I can’t get it the way I like it.

Why the bleepity bleep do they have to delete the preferences for a minor maintenance type update? Crap and flying monkeys, but it pisses me off. 😡

Now every time I look at it, it’s going to annoy me until I get it just right.