More Long Weekends!

Posted 2009.11.15 8.27 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I was just trying to figure out when the November long weekend was – I mean, the month is half over and there hasn’t been a long weekend yet.

That’s when it hit me – there is no November long weekend.

To me, this seems like some terrible oversight on someone’s part. I had to dig up a calendar and start searching, to find out what was going on.

  • In January, we kick off with New Years’ day – so the month and the year opens with a day off. I approve.
  • In February, we have ‘Family Day’ which it seems to me was just started recently, and sounds like the sort of phoney-baloney holiday that we need every month.
  • In March and/or April we get a day off to celebrate Eostre, or if you’re into that Christianity thing, they call it Easter. Still, one long-weekend between two months seems like a bit of a ripoff to me.
  • Then in May we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday. (Technically it’s to celebrate the birthday of the reigning queen, we just call it Victoria day.)
  • June is appearantly overlooked, but I move that we institute a long-weekend to celebrate the Solstace. June 21 weekend anyone?
  • July is good, we kick off the month with Canada Day.
  • August is also good, we kick off the month with Simcoe Day. (I won’t refer to it as a generic ‘civic holiday’. When I grew up it was Simcoe Day. So there. Nyah.)
  • September too starts off good with Labour Day.
  • October is all set, with Thanksgiving.
  • November…. nothing. I move that we open November with a holiday. November 1st is All Hallows day, or All Saints Day if you prefer. It’d be nice to have a day to recover and sober up from the Samhain festivities on Oct. 31st.
  • And December, we get two days off to celebrate the Yule Solstace, though for some reason they always put the holiday on the wrong date.

I’m seeing the need here for 3 additional long weekends. All Hallows day in November, Summer Solstace in June, and then in March/April we should peg Eostre down in one month (how about march, for the vernal equinox?) and add another holiday in April.

Every month needs a long weekend! Right?


  1. Here here!!! I vote you the best and brightest and it should be taken up with the powers that be.

    I say 6 weeks of vacation a year like the French! And 3 weeks ‘out of time’ like the Mayans!!!

    Make it so.

  2. Stephanie says:

    It’s all part of the plan.

    Step 1, World Domination.

    Step 2, more vacation time!

  3. P.S. There needs to be a way to be notified via email of a comment after your comment so you can keep in the loop.

    Just saying.

  4. Stephanie says:

    There’s a ‘Subscribe to Comments’ thing. But I don’t know if it works… it’s supposed to email you when there’s a comment after yours. But then, the blob is supposed to email me when ever there’s a comment, and it did that for a while then it stopped.

    Now when someone comments, all I get is the blob staring at me with a long quiet awkward silence. Like it’s just watching me and waiting for me to do something wrong. It just stares, shaking it’s head slowly now and then.

    I don’t know if it’s the wordpress that’s not doing it, or the server, or the email server, or what. But the blob doesn’t talk to me any more. Just sits and stares…

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