Hey Look! A Giraffe!

Posted 2009.11.17 19.25 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Hey Look! It's a Giraffe!

Snail Babies!

Posted 2009.11.17 18.44 in Aquaria by Stephanie
Oh No!

Oh No!

So when I got home from work, I looked and the clutch hadn’t changed at all. Like an idiot, I poked it and it fell off the filter and broke. Some babies spilled out but they weren’t moving…. :-O

I thought I’d killed it, but put it on some foam in the tank just in case. Then I realized they were moving! The babies were moving towards the water!

So I kept watching and there were more babies – the egg clutch was sort of hollow, as if they had been hatching inwards to the middle of it instead of outward. Now I’ve been sitting and watching the wee babies moving into the water – it’s amazing!

They're Alive!

I even saw one go parasnailing! Fresh-hatched and it was parasnailing! It slowly went into the water then spread its wee foot out, let go, and gently glided downwards in a spiral. Tee-hee!



I think they’re hatching!

Posted 2009.11.17 8.36 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Aaaauuuuggghhhh! I think the first clutch is beginning to hatch, but I have to go to work!


You can just see something ‘shiney’ towards the bottom of the clutch – it’s a baby, with what looks like a yellow shell and dark body. After I snapped the picture I went back and looked and it was gone but there was another one, what looked like a white / clear shell and dark body.

But I gotta go to work!


Maple Leaf Forever

Posted 2009.11.17 8.09 in Music/Movies/TV by Stephanie

Back on Rememberance day, the best version of Maple Leaf Forever that I could find was a crummy synthesizer midi file that just didn’t cut it.

Here’s a clip of a better version. It’s an m4a (aka AAC) file, so if you have trouble playing it you may need to add another codec or whatever to your music playing software.

Maple Leaf Forever

This clip is the right size to make into a ringtone, by the way… if you download the file and change the suffix from m4a to m4r then drop it into iTunes, you can copy it to your iPhone and use it as a ringtone. Just sayin’ is all.