Snail Babies!

Posted 2009.11.17 18.44 in Aquaria by Stephanie
Oh No!

Oh No!

So when I got home from work, I looked and the clutch hadn’t changed at all. Like an idiot, I poked it and it fell off the filter and broke. Some babies spilled out but they weren’t moving…. :-O

I thought I’d killed it, but put it on some foam in the tank just in case. Then I realized they were moving! The babies were moving towards the water!

So I kept watching and there were more babies – the egg clutch was sort of hollow, as if they had been hatching inwards to the middle of it instead of outward. Now I’ve been sitting and watching the wee babies moving into the water – it’s amazing!

They're Alive!

I even saw one go parasnailing! Fresh-hatched and it was parasnailing! It slowly went into the water then spread its wee foot out, let go, and gently glided downwards in a spiral. Tee-hee!




  1. malmal says:

    Pretty neat!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I think there were about 40 of them, though I wasn’t counting. It was a very exciting evening! 🙂

    Now they are all hiding in the ‘wilderness’ of the aquarium – though I’ll probably see them again soon… when I do the weekly tank cleaning and gravel vacuuming on Saturday.

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