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Posted 2009.11.18 9.26 in Life On Drugs, Pointless Blather, Work by Stephanie

I was listening to the news this morning on the way in to the office. Mostly it was the usual stuff – blah blah blah traffic blah blah weather blah blah economy blah. But there were two stories that caught my attention and made me think a bit.

First up, it seems that the pressure is on to be green and eco-friendly even after we’ve expired. Planting dead people in the ground isn’t very good, for one thing it renders large expanses of land unusable (*) plus as they decay, all the toxins and poisons that they absorbed over their lives leaches back into the environment and can potentially enter the water-table and surrounding ecosystem.

Cremation is chosen by roughly 50% of all Canadians, but this doesn’t solve the problem, it merely takes all the toxins and poisons out at once and sends it up the chimney to enter the environment immediately – plus, the process uses a large amount of energy (both fossil fuels and electricity).

So there is now a company that has pioneered and is offering a ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ alternative. They will liquify the dearly departed, and then pour them into the municipal water treatment system to be purified and re-enter the environment that way.

Still, the thing that hit me was there is an enormous difference between “Let us scatter our loved one’s ashes…” and “Lets all gather round the toilet and flush the dead guy.”

The second one was about some drug lab that was busted this morning – it seems that the bad guys set up a drug lab in a nice home in a nice neighborhood and the neighbors were all shocked and appalled when they had to evacuate this morning while the police went in with their white environmental suits to bust the lab and make sure everything was safe.

I get that the people were upset – I’d be seriously pissed off if I had to get up early and hurriedly evacuate. Drug lab or not, Stephanie no function coffee well without.

So then I was thinking, it is pretty incosiderate to set up a drug lab in a residential area. It’s also a violation of zoning laws. That made me wonder why they don’t set up in commercial or industrial areas? I mean, there’s got to be all kinds of empty office space in industrial parks all over the place. I’m pretty sure the area where I work has a few empty units.

Then they’d be within the zoning rules, and you have the side-benefit that hardly anyone’s going to complain when the police tell them they can’t go to work today because the area was evacuated. As opposed to residential, where everyone’s going to be ticked off when they’re roused out of bed at 5am and told to get the hell out of the area, where everyone’s angry.

The only thing I can think of that might be stopping these guys from setting up their drug labs in an idustrial area, would be that maybe the landlord would notice, and then they’d get busted earlier than they would in a private home. But that really is only a problem because of the laws themselves, and the pointless attempt to enforce morality through the legal system.

Obviously people are going to do drugs if they want to, so the laws just serve to make the whole process a lot more dangerous for everyone involved, along with the neighbors.

I’m not saying that everything should be legal and available everywhere, but if they can control some plants (tobacco) and chemicals (alcohol) then they can certainly do the same for other recreational plants and chemicals.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    (*) I forgot to add my footnote this morning. I had an idea a few weeks ago that would lead to getting more use out of the land they set aside for cemetaries. It was a good idea. I’ll blob about it later.

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