Rollei A26

Posted 2009.11.21 17.03 in Photography by Stephanie

Here’s a neat little camera – the Rollei A26. It’s from the 1970’s and was designed during the Instamatic craze. Using 126 format film cartridges, it’s kind of nifty – closed, it’s the same size as the Rollei B35, plus it has a built in lens-protector. You just pull it to open it and it’s ready to go!

On the downside, 126 film has been discontinued since the last millenium, though you can still find some now and then. Or, if you can find some 126 cartridges, you can reload them with 35mm film. This is what I’ve been doing actually – reloading 126 cartridges with modern 35mm film. See, 126 film is actually 35mm wide, but it has different edge hole things.

The biggest problem with the 126 reloads is with the holes is I get a few double-exposures or overlapped exposures, because the 126 format uses one edge-hole per frame where 35mm film has holes every few mm.

Technical info: Agfa APX-100 aka Silvertone 35mm film loaded into 126 cartridge, exposed by Rollei A26 automatic exposure, processed in T-Max developer 1:4 for 6:30 minutes.

Clutch 2 in Position

Posted 2009.11.21 13.37 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Today, the second snail egg clutch is 2 weeks old. As I was doing the regular aquarium cleaning etc. I noticed the clutch is starting to turn colour, which indicates it’s nearing its due date…

Wanting to try things differently this time, I got a breeder net set up, gently removed the clutch from the side of the aquarium, and floated it on some foam in the breeder net.

Clutch 2

To ensure the clutch stays above water, it is sitting on some little bamboo bits on the foam. Another bit of bamboo ensures the foam stays put, so it doesn’t float around in the net.

You can also see, I’ve positioned some blue cardboard to keep the clutch out of direct light from the aquarium light – this way it gets light but won’t ‘bake’.

Clutch 2 - 2

So if all goes well, when the babies hatch they will end up in the breeder net where I can watch them and keep an eye on their progress.

As they sit and feel very awkward wondering why this huge head keeps peering down on them.

Baby Picture

Posted 2009.11.21 9.27 in Aquaria by Stephanie

It’s been a few days since the snail babies all hatched out into the aquarium. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, releasing them into the ‘wild’ of my 38gal tank, I quickly recognized the downside to this…

They’re all gone! I mean, they’re so small, they instantly vanished into the substrate and decor, and I might not see them again for weeks, when they’ve grown. Assuming they live that long.

I think the next clutch will be hatched into a breeder net, so I can keep an eye on them. Not that they need my help in any particular way, I’m just nosey and want to watch them.

Anyhow this morning I was scanning the gravel and spotted two babies. They’re still so tiny and as luck would have it, they’re almost exactly the right colour to blend in with the gravel. Even after I spotted them, it took a few minutes of watching – are they tiny bits of gravel? Are they moving?

Yeah, they are moving! So small though that getting photos is next to impossible. Here’s the best I could get.

Baby Snail

(By the way, incase it wasn’t clear, there’s only one baby in this pic – I couldn’t get a shot of the other one. After rereading the text I realized it might have seemed that I meant there were two babies in one pic.)