Yet Another Egg Clutch

Posted 2009.11.27 9.30 in Aquaria by Stephanie

When I found the first egg clutch, my reaction was “Yay!” but by the fourth, it was more like “Oh, crap…”

I’m going to have to start destroying egg clutches, I don’t have the resources to raise several hundred babies. Still, I’d like some coloured ones – the first two clutches produced nothing but gold / light coloured snails. And this newest clutch does look ‘darker’, making me wonder if it was perhaps laid by one of the other snails.

Clutches 3 and 4

On the left is the third clutch, now 10-days old. On the right is the fourth clutch, just laid last night.


  1. malmal says:

    But isnt the survival rate poor enough that you end up with a few?

    1. Stephanie says:

      In the wild they definately have a low survival rate. It’s hard to say, in the aquarium. I’ve heard of some folks having 80% or more survive, though I suppose there are a lot of variables.


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