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Posted 2009.12.22 10.13 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I get that it’s a busy time of the year for retailers, and for the postal system. But this comes as no surprise to anyone – especially retailers and the postal system. And incompetence and callousness just make me seethe at times.

So I placed an order, back in November in fact. No big deal, nothing special, just ordered some regular stock items from a store. I’d have gone in person but their retail shop doesn’t have the same line of merch. Anyhow, so I’ve ordered from these guys before. Very good communication, they let you know the order is received, then when it’s being picked, then when it’s shipped, then they send you tracking info.

Except this time, it got as far as received, then just silence. Finally after a week, I emailed them (they provided a contact address for questions). More silence – I emailed two or three times in total and never got so much as a peep from them. Pointer: Don’t provide a contact email address if you plan to not answer customers’ emails.

So I called. Spoke to someone but it wasn’t her department, someone else handles that. They transfer me. I get disconnected. Grumbles.

Finally after 2 weeks I get an email saying the order is shipped. They send tracking info. Yay. Finally.

I watch the tracking. Find out what day it’s expected. Stay home that day so I’ll be there. They don’t show up.

I check the tracking and it says they can’t find my address. Grumbles.

Then the next day the tracking says they’re returning the package to the sender, claiming that they can’t confirm the occupant at the address is the right person. WTF!?

So I call the retailer again, explain that the posties have screwed up and never came to my house, they’re sending the package back. I explain that I want this stuff, so please send it back out. ¬†Yes my address is correct. They agree that I shouldn’t have to pay extra shipping or anything like that. They’ll call me when it’s take care of.

Ok so obviously, they never called. But then I got an email saying that the shipment had gone out, and a new tracking number. Ah ok, I figure, it’s taken care of. This time the posties find my house. But what’s this? It’s not a package, it’s an envelope.

Inside is a letter from the retailer saying that they received my order that was returned without reason or RMA #, but as a ‘service gesture’ they are sending me a refund.

Jesus Fracking Asscrackers on a Biscuit!

So I call, ask to speak with the person I talked to last week. They let me hold for 5 or 10 minutes, then disconnect me. I have to call back 3 or 4 times before finaly getting her. Of course she doesn’t really remember speaking with me last week, has no explanation for why she didn’t call me back like she said she would.

She can’t just re-ship the original order because it’s been all returned and refunded and cancelled and whatthefuckever, so I have to go through the whole order process with her over the phone, and hope she doesn’t spell anything wrong. And of course, now it might be another 2 weeks before I find out if I’m going to get the stuff that I needed in November.


Pointer: any business looks good when things go smoothly. It’s how they react when there’s a problem, that really tells you how good they are.

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