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Graduation Day 2

Posted 2010.01.31 19.27 in Aquaria by Stephanie

About a month ago, my little zebra danio graduated from the nursery tank and moved into the big fish tank with all the grownup fish. It had taken him about 4 months to reach 1-inch long, with most of that time spent in various small tanks and containers, before he went into the magic nursery.

Today, my two baby peppered corydora catfish (Corydoras paleatus) had their own graduation day, moving out of the magic nursery and into the big 38-gallon tank where their parents live. It took these two only about 6 or 7 weeks to reach the 1-inch length.

Here’s one of the young corydoras, exploring the new big tank. Before releasing them into the big tank, they spent some time floating in a cup at the top of the tank, to get accustomed to the new temperature. You can see the two of them, along with a baby snail stowaway:

What I think of the iPad

Posted 2010.01.29 10.08 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

First impressions, based on the Gallery and Tech Specs pages at Meh.

Here’s a list of things they should have incorporated from the get-go:

  • Fold-out Handle. It’s all curvy and smooth and sleek, but unlike the iPod or iPhone it’s too big to wrap your hand around. I predict lots of dropped iPads. Added bonus – a fold out handle with the right articulation could give the iPad a nice tilt if you happen to be using it on a desk with the onscreen keyboard.
  • Built-in SD card reader. They’ve put them on iMacs. The iPad should have had one too. Making it an add-on for the dock connector is stupid, it’s something extra you have to buy and remember.
  • Camera. It wouldn’t have killed them to stick a tiny camera (or two!) in the iPad. I don’t know if anyone uses them that much, but better to have than not have. They could have had one on the back like the iPhone, then stuck one on the front for video conferencing.
  • USB port. It obviously has one in the dock, but you shouldn’t need an extra dock adaptor just to plug in a USB peripheral. It should have a simple ordinary plain boring old USB port or two.

I don’t know if the iPad will be a fail or not, but I’m not itching to run out and buy one. The only thing I saw that did interest me was the keyboard with the built-in dock connector. I wonder if that would work with an iPhone – I hate the onscreen keyboard on the iPhone. Well to be specific I hate the inaccuracy of it. Without getting all into the technicalities, the way the touchscreen works makes it difficult to be really precise. Anyways, the keyboard accessory looked good.

One other thing intrigued me a little – they mentioned the processor was a custom-designed Apple A4 system on a chip. I wonder what the specs are, who made it, if the architecture is similar to or based on anything we’re familiar with, etc. etc.

A New Day

Posted 2010.01.27 17.54 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I’m not over the “flu” yet, but I’m feeling much better. Even parts of me that were feeling unwell before the “flu” are feeling better now.

I feel like the ‘big purge’ that was the first twenty-four hours of “flu” was actually my body expelling negative energies. Once all the negative energies were gone, I just had to recover from the effort and trauma of getting rid of them.

Now I find myself smiling and joking, focusing on my work, singing a bit, and generally feeling good — feeling positive, almost. Granted, I also continue to talk to myself, argue with myself, and hear a nonstop whistling noise everywhere I go.

There’s still dizziness and all the aches and pains I aquired over the weekend when I was “sick”, but then other, chronic aches and pains seem to be going away.

I’ve even found that some of my temptations and indulgences no longer interest me.

Don’t know if this is permanent or how long it might last, but I hope it lasts a good long while.

It feels like a whole new day.

Bored Wif Teh Interwebz

Posted 2010.01.27 10.57 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Teh interwebz are boring us now. Misha is clogging up the tubes with cat hair.

Misha is Bored

Planet Stephanie will come back online when teh bordum goez away. If you can’t wait, click here to get back to the usual pointless blather.

Bored Now

Posted 2010.01.26 17.45 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Bored with being sick. Bored of playing with the video game.

Lots of things to type about but too tired at the moment to type them out.

There was something about expiry dates.

Flu Sucks

Posted 2010.01.24 16.37 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

So my anti-flu-shot plan seems to have backfired on me. Being the only one in the world to not get a flu shot, and therefore being protected by having everyone else around me protected… it seems that some crafty individual(s) have thwarted my plans, either by avoiding the flu-shots themselves or finding a way to introduce the virus without themselves being affected.

However it happened, I’ve spent the weekend in agony, from about midnight Friday when it struck very suddenly, through to now when I’m just able to stay sitting up for any length of time before being overcome with dizziness. Literally every inch of my body has been in terrible pain, from the top of my head down to my toes, with the one ironic exception of my throat – no sore throat. Well except for when I was busy doubled-over ‘blowing chunks’, which I did a great deal in the first 24 hours. I couldn’t even keep juice or ginger-ale down, couldn’t even take pills.┬áSo far the only thing that has gone in without coming back out is water.

So..will I have a flu shot next year? Meh, probably not. I still don’t like needles, and I still don’t trust flu shots. And hopefully, I’ll be feeling better by then and will have forgotten just how intensely awful I’m feeling right now.

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Exciting World of Flash Carts

Posted 2010.01.20 13.13 in Computers/Internet/Technology by Stephanie

A few weeks ago I posted about poking around inside a Nintendo DSi – I took mine apart and had a peek inside, and was looking for any info out there on hacks or mods for it. I was more thinking about hardware hacks, but most of the ‘hacking’ people have been doing appears to be in terms of running homebrew apps and games and stuff.

Anyhow, so eventually I learned about ‘Flash Carts’, although this isn’t actual news to anyone who’s been a gamer any time in the last 10 years I’m sure.

These things are neat though – one of the things I wanted to do with my DSi was to be able to copy some of my games onto an SD card and then I’d have my favorite games in there all the time. Most DS games are less than 64MB in size, and with a 4GB SD card you can fit a whole lot of games. But Nintendo doesn’t let you do that. For one thing you can’t copy the game data off the game card, and then even if you could, the DSi won’t run games from the SD card.

So back to the Flash Carts – in olden times, these were a dedicated cartridge that had a flashable memory chip (i.e. instead of a factory-burned ROM it was an EEPROM that could be burned, erased, rewritten, etc.) and with special hardware you could copy a game file onto it, or if it had lots of memory you could copy a few game files onto it.

Nowadays they have Flash Carts that themselves have a micro-SD slot, so you can put any size micro-SD card into it and have almost unlimited storage space. I got one of them, an “Acekard 2i” and a 4GB micro-SD card.

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