Not So Wise

Posted 2010.01.02 9.24 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I know some people find x-rays to be freaky. I guess I do too, but also fascinating at the same time. Take this image for instance:

I keep looking at it, and wondering how they’re gonna get the tooth on the left out, without messing up its neighbor to the right. I mean, they’re not just touching, they’re wedged together. There’s jawbone behind it, a tooth infront of it, and it’s wedged.

Granted it’s not badly wedged – I mean, I’ve seen xrays of badly wedged teeth and this one is barely on the radar for that sort of thing. It’s just – well I can’t figure out how they can pull it out without messing up the one next to it.

For a wisdom tooth, it seems rather unwise.

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