Do I Need A Telephone?

Posted 2010.01.08 18.02 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Family/Friends by Stephanie

I find myself questioning whether or not I still need a telephone. I’m talking about the landline kind of phone. My iPhone and I are in a committed relationship and I’m certainly not thinking of breaking that off.┬áBut the old fashioned, twisted-pair, landline kind of phone. Do I need it? More and more, I think the answer is no.

It’s costing me over $40 per month, for a basic standard no-frills telephone line. The only extras I have are call display. And using call display, I can see that on average, 2.5% of my inbound phone calls are legitimate. The other 97.5% are telemarketers.

Pretty piss-poor numbers. There are only three legitimate sources of inbound calls who use my phone on any kind of regular basis – my parents, perhaps once a week. A friend, once or twice a month. And my sister, a handfull of times per year. Other than that – bumpkiss. Telemarketers. Mysterious 800 numbers. For this, I’m paying about $500 per year?

I rarely dial out, either. I don’t have a long distance plan so I can’t call long distance. All my friends and family are long distance. That leaves me with… occasionally calling an 800 number? I don’t even use the phone to order pizza, thanks to teh interwebz.

Yeah, I think I’m gonna cancel me a phone line…