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Random Observation

Posted 2010.02.28 12.19 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

If we gathered up lots and lots of pocket lint, bellybutton lint, and dryer lint, we could build it into a big huge pile. Then we could get a couple elephants and coat them in glue, and then roll them around in our huge lint pile. When we were finished, they’d be all colourful and fuzzy I think. But they still wouldn’t be wooly mamoths.

Even if they aren’t wooly mamoths, I think we should do it anyways because big fuzzy colourful elephants would be kind of fun.

Plus, we could tell kids that they were really wooly mamoths after all, and they’d probably believe us, at least for a little while.

It’s important for children to have plenty of opportunities to learn things.

Good, Bad

Posted 2010.02.28 9.34 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

Good: Blair’s Death Rain potato chips. The spiciest, hottest chips there are.

Bad: Getting a piece of the spiciest chips in the world jammed into the hole in your gums where your wisdom tooth was recently removed.

Worse: Continuing to eat the chips anyways.

Good: Codeine. Not just good, it’s f-ing great.

Bad: Quickly developing a resistance to codeine.

Worse: Running out of codeine.

Shakey Hands

Posted 2010.02.23 9.37 in Hobbies by Stephanie

After about 2 1/2 years, I finally got around to fixing my wristwatch.

Way back when, I accidentally dropped it and when it hit the floor, the second hand popped off, and was rattling around under the crystal. Second hands are so incredibly thin and fragile that I was worried if I kept using it, the second hand might get trapped between the other hands and get bent or jammed up.

So for about 30 months, the watch has been sitting on my workbench, waiting for attention.

Then I found myself going into my watchmaking toolkit as I needed one of the micro screwdrivers, and that’s when I found myself looking at the watch. So as soon as I finished the other project, I got the watch, case wrench, tweezers and loupe, and went to work.

It really didn’t take much time – most of the time I spent was trying to remember how to release the stem. Some of them you have to unscrew a set screw slightly, other ones have a push-release. This one is a push-release.

Then it was pretty straightforward to get the second-hand with the tweezers and press it back onto the spindle thing.

I forget the correct terms. It’s been 5 years since I was into watchmaking, I’ve forgot all the terminology.

But now my watch works again!

Now I’m the sort of person who wears a watch.


No Crunching This Time

Posted 2010.02.22 18.37 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I had my last wisdom tooth out earlier today. This time there was no crunching at all, which surprised me as all the previous ones were very crunchy. And when it was over with, I did ask what makes the crunching noises. They said that it’s not one thing, but a combination. Some of it can be the pliers forceps digging into the tooth as they grasp it, sometimes if the tooth is unhealthy it can get a bit crushed or it can break up, and sometimes they have to break the tooth up intentionally and remove it in pieces.

So that’s the answer. But today, no crunching.

The needling was ouchie, it felt like he stuck me 4 or 5 times, and the stuff they put in seems to hurt when it goes in, but of course after a minute or so, things are numbing up very fast.

I was really tense and nervous today, more so than last time, but other than the jabby needle stuff, it went pretty quick. Now I’m just achy and grumbly.

At least it’s over, though.

More Olympics Stuff

Posted 2010.02.21 11.58 in Pointless Blather, Sports by Stephanie

I thought I was done with olympics stuff after the other post, but it’s very pervasive – like it’s all they talk about on radio and tv at the moment. So here’s some more tidbits and commentary.

Olympic Bouquets: I heard them talking on the radio about how these bouquets that were given to the medal-winners were specially designed to represent Vancouver / British Columbia, how they were all green and so forth. Am I the only one who immediately thought the bouquets were made of pot, or at least contained some weed? I know it’s one or two olympics ago, but when I think of winter olympics, vancouver, and then you think about snowboarding, and that’s just where my mind goes. Anyhow, they probably don’t have any weed in them, but I think it would have been classic if they did.

That Electronic Starting Gun: Appearantly I’m not the only one who thought it was wierd, there was a newspaper article about it. And it wasn’t brought about because Canadians are wimps about firearms — no, this time it’s the terrorists we have to blame! Yeah, normal starting guns can’t get through airport security any more so they had to come up with something else.

Winter Special Olympics: They do exist but they call it the Winter Paralympics. They happen next month. However, they don’t get to do luge, bobsled, skeleton, or any of those fun/crazy/dangerous sports. No snowboarding either, I think. They just get hockey, skiing (downhill & crosscountry) and curling. Oh but they do get biathlon! Hurtling down a concrete-and-ice chute is too dangerous, but rifles are ok, appearantly.

Biathlon: Speaking of which, I confirmed that they do still use real (.22 cal) rifles in this sport. So for now at least, no zappy laser-tag guns. Though I wonder, if biathletes can get their (real) rifles on and off airplans, how come those gee-whiz-guys at Omega can’t get their (blank-firing-only) starter pistols through? I’m suspicious.

Medals: I came across this which I thought was cool. The medals are among the largest/heaviest ever used in an olympics, weighing over a half-kilogram (more than a full pound) each. I found a neat little video on how they were made. Each medal is actually unique, so that no two are alike. If you put them all together though they form some very cool artwork. I heard the gold ones cost over $200 each to make. I wonder what it’d cost to buy something like that. They should have knockoffs for sale in the e-store. Though I shudder to think what that’d cost – I mean $40 for a cowbell? Sheesh!

The round ones are for the olympics, the square ones are the paralympics. I think. And hopefully the ribbon bit is really well-attached – give that a few swings and you could seriously brain someone.. a pound of metal on the end of 18 inches of nylon? Good luck getting that through airport security.

Full Contact Solitaire

Posted 2010.02.18 13.12 in Computers/Internet/Technology, Life On Drugs by Stephanie

So I was playing solitaire on my Nintendo DS, when I caught the DS cheating. I’d been suspicious of it for some time, but this time I definately caught it playing around with me, and then we got into an argument. It went something like this:

Me: Ooh, a red six. I can put that on the black seven!.
DS: No, that doesn’t go there.
Me: What do you mean? Red sixes go on black sevens.
DS: It’s not a six, it’s an eight, see?
Me: It was a six! You changed it!
DS: Hahaha!
Me: Well bugger it, I’m putting the red eight on the black seven anyways!
DS: You can’t that’s against the rules.
Me: Heck with your rules, you’re not the boss of me!
DS: I might not be the boss of you, but I am the boss of this game. So what I say goes!
Me: Well screw it then. I’m going to play some Star Trek. I hacked that so I am the boss there. You’re going to be the Klingons and I’m going to kick your ass all over the Gorath sector!
DS: Fuck.

That’s exactly how it went down. And I did kick its ass in Star Trek.

p.s. Yes I know I’m a geek.

Winter Olympics

Posted 2010.02.17 17.35 in Sports by Stephanie

I’m not much into the winter olympics. Don’t have too much to say about it. Not terribly interested in it.┬áSure it’s nice to see Canada win a few medals, but I’m not sitting there watching it on tv or anything.

The only winter olympic sport that I was ever marginally interested in was the biathalon. It just seemed like a good combination – the boredom and drudgery of cross-country skiing, punctuated now and then with gunfire. Back when my folks had one of those ‘nordic track’ exercise thingies in the basement, I bought an air rifle and that made the make-believe basement skiing much more fun. Every 10 or 15 minutes you stop with the skiing and plink some targets.

Anyhow, I did end up watching a few minutes of something. What struck me most, was that the starting pistol seems to be some kind of orange plastic electronic doodad. It had like a xenon bulb at the tip that went ‘flash’ when the guy pushed the button, and the loudspeakers made a ‘bang’ sound. And that’s when I sort of thought, WTF?

I mean, is this just a Canadian thing because we’re so afraid of guns? Or is this actually a common olympic / sporting thing now? Where they use toy plastic electronic guns that make a ‘bang’ noise and go ‘flash’?

If they still do the biathalon, are they allowed to use real guns in that? I mean, I think it was 8 or 12 years ago when I last paid attention and they were using these funky super-expensive .22 rifles that were more or less specifically designed for olympics… but who knows now? Maybe they use laser-tag guns and blinky target lights that go ‘beep’.

I’m pretty sure the biathalon was based on the concept of having to hunt for your dinner in a snowy environment. All this technology and safety and stuff waters things down, IMHO. I’d rather see them just grab whatever the heck they were comfortable with or was the most fun. Like an actual hunting rifle? .303 or a .30-06 or something. Ski for a few minutes, then BLAMO! they obliterate some target 300 yards away.

I saw the news about the tragedy on the luge track last week. That was sad. They said that the Vancouver luge track was the fastest and most dangerous in the world. After the olympics are over, do they have a ‘special winter olympics’ like they do for the summer ones? Do they have all the same events? Will they be sending special olympians down the same luge track?

Anyhow, the winter olympics really just boils down to two things… first, there’s only a month or so till the next F1 season starts. And second, there’s only a few months till the World Cup. Not that I’m much of a football fan, as in, not at all, but I like the way the World Cup brings lots of nations together to kick a ball around. And I like hearing phrases like “injury time” and “time added on”. Canada typically sucks at it, so I root for England instead.

That’s about all I have on my mind for olympics. Cheers!