Froggies and Snailies

Posted 2010.02.17 11.12 in Aquaria by Stephanie

Time for some more fishy photographs…

This is Spot, the Snail. The big white one, that is. I named him Spot because he has a black dot on his shell…you can’t see it in the photo because it’s on his butt. He wasn’t born that way, I put the dot there so I would be able to tell which one is him. It’s sort of a paradox thing… the dot is there so I can figure out who is Spot, but he wasn’t named Spot till after he had the dot… time travel can be confusing sometimes.

The froggies are African Dwarf Frogs, they’re very tiny and very cute.

This is one of the new frogoggies. He’s shy. They’re both shy. They come out when they think I’m not around, but as soon as they see me, they want to hide. I think they don’t like me oogling them and snapping flash photos. So they find places to hide.

The other frog, or maybe the same frog, doing his zen thing up by the surface. Appearantly the technical term is burbling. But anyhow, Froggie!

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