DST is teh Sux.

Posted 2010.03.15 8.36 in Pointless Blather by Stephanie

I dislike daylight savings time. A lot.

First off, it sucks having to go through an hour ‘jet lag’ twice a year. Second off, just when the sun was coming up in the morning and it was getting easier to ‘rise and shine’ (or in my case, rise and glow dimly) they bump things back an hour so it’s not bright out any more when it’s time to get up. And third, since they messed with the timing for when DST starts and ends, we spend more time in the wrong time zone than we do in the time zone we’re supposed to be in!

Eastern Standard Time, the zone that my location is supposed to be in, now only lasts like 4 or 4.5 months? WTF is up with that? Why even bother for those last couple months? Just frigging change us to the next time zone over and call it a day.

It’s also a pisser when you have friends all over the world. Try and work out the relative times in your head, when it changes twice a year. Got a friend in Australia? When we go forward an hour, they go back an hour. Sometimes they’re 14 hours ahead, sometimes they’re 16 hours ahead. And since our change dates were screwed with, there’s also some time when they’re 15 hours ahead. Friends in Japan? They wisely don’t change their timezones around, but we do, so it changes twice a year. Friends in Europe? They do have DST but not when we do, so once more there’s a bunch of different numbers to try and remember.

Then you have your clocks that automatically adjust. By some coincidence all the clocks in my livingroom automatically change themselves, but the ones in my bedroom don’t. So yesterday I woke up at 9am, was pleased to see I’d slept in a bit… got up, fed the cats, made myself coffee, then sat down in the livingroom and suddenly it was 10:30! WTF?!

Whoever invented this DST BS should be hurt.


  1. Emmanuel Zorg says:

    Ben Franklin invented it; you can’t hurt him, he’s already dead!

    Of course, DST made somewhat more sense when everyone lived on farms and candles were a significant expense. Not so much any more.

    Move to AZ: they wisely eschew DST. Love that state! As soon as my mom kicks it, I’m outta this sh!theap they used to call California before the commie scum from back East moved here & ruined it! I blame it on our demagogues like Boxer & Feinstein, et al: it’s not the bums’ fault that CA’s legislators made this an attractive place to move to & live off the dole…

    Luv yer blog, esp. the laser tweaks! Almost all your Newton links are D-E-A-D tho’. Out of Date buzzkill; the downside of the ‘net. Got any saved copies of some of the pages you ref’d?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Is that true? About Ben Franklin? I didn’t know that…

    Well at the risk of inciting an international incident… so a Canadian invented standardized time zones (Sir Sanford Fleming) then an American came along and cocked it up with daylight savings… 😛

    Saskatchewan, or parts thereof, also thumb their noses at DST. Nice to know there’s at least a few places in North America that have at least a little sense.

    Sorry about the Newton links, I confess I haven’t checked on them in ages. I stopped using my MP2100 about 5 years ago, and have fallen out of touch with the Newton crowd.

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