Posted 2010.03.15 21.14 in Aquaria by Stephanie

It has been a tumultuous fortnight, for the snailies.

About 2 weeks ago, my girl Shelly died for reasons unknown. She just slowed down and died. She had laid a dozen egg clutches, and had about 200 offspring sliming around the place, and I don’t know why she died but it was sad.

Then a few days after she passed on, some of her daughters started laying clutches of their own. Within a week, there were five new little clutches laid.

Then over the weekend Munchkin started to slow down, the way Shelly had. Munchkin was the father of all the wee babies. Today I came home from work in the afternoon, to find Munchkin too had passed away. 🙁 Again, I don’t know why…

I had come home to round up another herd of snails to take them off to market (the local fish shop). There were ninety-nine snails to take to the shop. Now my big snail tank feels empty… 99 babies gone, and Munchkin gone.. there’s still three other adult snails from last year, and about 2-dozen or so ‘babies’.. but it feels empty, compared to this morning.

Munchkin had a great big fissure in his shell, but he never let it slow him down. He wasn’t a big snail… actually he mostly stopped growing when he discovered sex. He devoted most of his energy to mating. I don’t have a recent pic of Shelly or I’d have posted it too. 🙁

They might just be brainless slimers, but they have personalities and they’re cute and funny to watch.

I’m sad.

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